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  • TW-3012-300
    The traditional household membrane elements are mainly used in various domestic water, hospitals, laboratory pure water devices and various small water treatment systems. TW series membrane components are suitable for the treatment of surface water, groundwater, municipal water, seawater and other types of water, mainly used in beverage water, purified water, boiler feed water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries.
    Membrane element and its main parameters

    Test temperature: 25°C; test solution PH 7.5
    Related Information
    The average difference between the minimum water production rate and the standard value of a single membrane element listed in the above table does not exceed 15%;
    Each membrane element is strictly inspected before leaving the factory and packed in a vacuum bag for storage. In order to prevent microorganisms from being produced during storage and transportation, it is recommended to soak the membrane with RO membrane protection solution before use.
    Before the membrane element is used normally, the membrane element must be allowed to run for 1 hour. The water produced in this 1 hour should not be used.
    When using, please determine the safety and suitability of the product according to its use.
    The contents of the sample will be modified according to the actual product design without notice

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